Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hot Stove

Can the Los Angeles Dodgers find an owner who
  1. Understands it's the freakin' Dodgers?
  2. Has it contending for a playoff spot every season?
  3. Knows that if the team is run well, it'll earn lots of  money?
Can the Wilpon family
  1. Understand that Citi Field is in New York City?
  2. Remember that Yankee Stadium is also in New York City?
  3. Consider the possibility that if they can't afford to make a reasonable offer to Jose Reyes, they can't afford to own a Major League baseball team in New York City?
It isn't lost on Mets fans that MLB commissioner Bud Selig is out to kick Dodgers owner Frank McCourt out of baseball while covering the Wilpons' butts. The Wilpons are running  The Mets into the ground, too.


Only good news on my end is that Peter O'Malley is looking to get back into Dodger ownership and running the team.
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