Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Steve Jobs

56 years old, billionaire, business genius, geek superhero, best health care money could buy, incurable disease.

I used a variety of  Mac computers for basic tasks, found them user friendly & generally glitch free compared to Microsoft o/s pcs. But every Mac owner not using them for graphics work  couldn't give me compelling reasons for buying one. They were more expensive & less adaptable.  Many Apple/Mac users were & are snobs. The two people I really trusted about computers said I should get a regular PC, install & learn the Linux o/s. That was their best advice. It was what they did.

The other Apple stuff, iPods, iphones, etc. are also expensive gadgets I can't afford,  & if I had an iPhone, or any smartphone, I doubt I'd use it well because I'd have little use for most of what it does.   But  I thank Steve Jobs for creating a demand for similar products that cost half the price of his visionary creations.

I'm more familiar with Steve Jobs' ownership of  Pixar, which he bought for ten million & struggled for years to keep afloat, & sold 20-years later for over seven billion in a  Disney stock swap. I watch Pixar cartoon features.


A death is always sad. I did not see that one coming even with all the rumors. That aside, I have never owned a Mac or any IPod device, be it a phone, music player or pad. I am a PC user, and proud of it!
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