Saturday, October 22, 2011

School Monster Bans Halloween

Springfield superintendent bans Halloween costumes from town's elementary schools

SPRINGFIELD — There will be no princesses, pirates or vampires roaming the halls at Springfield’s two elementary schools this Halloween.

Citing concerns that dressing up detracts from learning, Michael Davino, superintendent of the Union County school district has barred children from wearing costumes to school next Monday.

"In an effort to minimize the interruption of instruction, and recognizing that students have ample time to celebrate the holiday in costume after school, costumes will no longer be permitted in school on Halloween," reads a letter sent to parents this week from the principals at the James Caldwell and Thelma L. Sandmeier elementary schools.

Frustrated parents — and even some children — spoke against the policy at a recent school board meeting.

Parent Debra Bachman said the edict is stifling and prevents kids from "just being kids."

"My 10-year old daughter was going to be Big Bird from Sesame Street and all her friends were going to be other Sesame Street characters," Bachman said. "I should say she is still going to be — just not at school."
In some places they want to get rid of Halloween because it's pagan, evil & anti-Christian. Here we deem it educationally useless, & send it the way of the relaxed story time teachers used to have after lunch to settle the children down so they wouldn't throw up their pizza.

Children are expected to choose a career track in first grade now.  Pretty soon our all-purpose public schools will be dismantled &  all children  segregated into subject immersion charter schools, so we might as well get rid of this useless, silly stuff. What are you smiling at kid? Get real, grownups don't smile. Sorry little girl, your skills tests say you'll never be a ballerina, princess, or Wonder Woman.

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