Thursday, October 06, 2011

Seeyah Yankees

Detroit beat the Yankees in five games, tonight a close one at the Stadium. Yanks outscored Tigers, their two wins were blowouts. Yanks had their chances, Tigers had the pitching,  I hope Tigers beat the crap out of the Rangers.

Yankees actually know how to lose with class. Personally, I like many of their ball players. But you can't say that about Yankee fans, especially the younger ones who know nothing but winning. 2008, the only year since '94 the Yankees missed the playoffs, is to many Yankee fans what Katrina is to New Orleans, so tragic they consider it, so outraged they were. Losing to a very solid Detroit team  isn't like what happened to Boston this season. Be good to have a Rust Belt series, Detroit & Milwaukee, a baseball fan's series.  Impossible for Fox to promote it. Any series without  the major market Yankees or Dodgers sort of lacks broad appeal outside of baseball unless there's some other compelling story (like the Red Sox "idiots" breaking the "curse" in 2004). Dodgers haven't won a pennant since 1988, since the O'Malleys sold the team.  The World Series now  gets second billing to the NFL season.

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Agree with you totally. Watched the game tonight. I generally root for Yankee's on other side (not National League) but Detroit was kicking ass! Just like they are in NFL after their horrible 0-16 or whatever season a few years back (now 4-0). One cannot ever count out Detroit, be it football, baseball or hockey.
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