Tuesday, October 04, 2011

not running for president

Our governor, Chris Christie, is officially not running for president. He certainly enjoyed being talked up for a candidacy. Most pundits didn't think he'd run. Neither did I. He was polling in the middle of the pack. A lot of bigshot Repug donors wanted him to run, but there was no groundswell of support in the Repug base,  he wasn't undermining any of the other candidates. He was up against deadlines for getting on the primary ballots in the early states. He had no operations set up in Iowa or New Hampshire. He was completely sure he would have won had he decided to run.  Empty chutzpah,

Also, the odds still favor Obama's reelection just because he's the incumbent. Even a modest uptick in the economy next summer will make it very difficult to defeat him. Christie's gamble is a wise one. He can pile up favors campaigning for Repug candidates, make himself better known across the country,  & if Obama is reelected come out of 2012 well-positioned for 2016. I don't see any Democrat who can beat him in Jersey in 2013, unless he screws up big time.

Christie ought to consider losing some weight. He doesn't have to be trim. But he should get down to where his suits don't look like he's wearing them straight off the Big Man racks from a Joseph A. Bank  buy one get two absolutely free sale.


He shoots off his mouth too much. He hasn't had his pronouncements parsed by national media & he may not be capable of careful speech. He has a media team that sound bites him for YouTube, which is where most of his "fans" hear him. Actually, he's a good fit for a vice presidential candidate, Biden, Cheney, Dole. Bush elder are all wiseasses.
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