Monday, October 31, 2011

My sister unfriended me on Facebook. Discovered it by accident. Not a very sisterly sister act.  I appreciate the symbolic gesture as  an honest expression. Beats hearing an aria that begins "Sono stato pugnalato nel cuore."* Someone's going to hear her sing it. Still, seems an extreme way to evade answering a couple of simple questions. Four aging siblings, I'm not the only ACOA.

* "I was stabbed through the heart." In an opera, this kind of song ends with bravos, tossed bouquets, & many curtain calls.


I so relate. I un Facebooked. Deleted the account but they still have my name up, although i won't log one and tried to delete the password. Facebook is like the U.S. Commie tracking device. Evil, evil, evil.
She didn't delete her account. She deleted me. You can never escape the family "script." All you can do is rewrite it, & if siblings don't like the part you write yourself, that's too bad.

The two simple questions were why she never visits me in Elizabeth or brother Joe in Newark.
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