Friday, October 07, 2011

unnamed Democratic operative

Just a bit more on the Occupy America protests, which took up residence in Jersey City  today. An "unnamed Democratic operative" said:
“The original piece of the tea party that did pick up support among independent voters was when they were taking on Wall St. born out of the bailout and reaction to Bush in 2008,” said one, referring to the earliest days of what became the tea party. “If Democrats and progressives are to reclaim independent voters than standing up for working class voters is a key part of that.”

“In 2010, Democratic base was lackluster and that’s one of the reasons GOP had as big a night as they did,” the operative continued. “Anything that reenergizes Democratic base is vital.”
But  President Obama & VP Biden know it's trouble.  It's reenergizing parts of the base, alright: The parts the Obama administration (& the Democratic establishment for years previous) threw overboard. Four years ago many of the young people now protesting were in college or not long past school, those cheering, screaming crowds that donated $20 each online & registered to vote for the first time in their lives. They  expected a different kind of leader in Obama, a guy with cool AND passion. Obama thought they'd be satisfied with Springsteen & Bono.   Now the unions, trade & public, are joining in, senior citizens, & we'll see who else. Very few "working class" so far.   It's unnerving to the Democratic establishment that politicians  are not the targets of the protests. But the White House is damned lucky the giant Obama puppets haven't appeared yet.  They aren't trying to "reclaim independent voters." They're announcing that they are independent voters. Obama is getting fair warning about 2012, not a bye.

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