Monday, October 03, 2011

climate change

For Jerseyans who have their doubts about climate change, you're nuts if 2011 doesn't have you reconsidering. Has anything about the weather here felt right this year?  We just came through two months that we associate with dry, mostly pleasant weather. I think we've had two weeks that met expectations.  The others were rainy & damp.  Some disastrously wet. Drop back: We had a May  without big breezy days, usually the most spectacular month, peaking springtime.  A peculiar June & July that never settled into anything near a  norm.  Very harsh winter. It hasn't been "Jersey." We expect odd weather events, extreme cold & hot spells,  a big snow,  the occasional small tornado. But Jerseyans do look at the calendar & bet on  the best weeks to paint the outside of the house, rent a place at the shore, take a trip out of the state, fix stuff inside, start the tomato plants,  bring out the grill & patio furniture. On those, you might have gone  0 for 6 this year.


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