Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bargain Man

Sheesh, I come home, there's two people I've never seen before by the door buzzers, I unlock the front door & they start following me in. I ask, "Who do you know here? " One of them mumbles something. I ask, "Are they answering the buzzer?" The guy mumbles again. I say, "I'm not letting you in,  the person you want to see hasn't let you in, & you don't live here." One guy was clutching the edge of door so I made it clear I would slam his fingers in  it if needed, & he let go. They didn't look dangerous, but they did look & act  sorta weird.

I had to go downtown to Radio Shack for a new mouse. I  look at stuff, but there's few bargains at Radio Shack.

Speaking of bargains, the Bargain Man store went out of business. Bargain Man had the most awesome inventory of utter crap, it was almost mind-boggling.  A "bargain" is something of reasonable quality for which you pay less than you might expect to pay. Nothing at Bargain Man was a "bargain" because you got what you paid for - crap, mostly made under what surely were slave labor conditions, much of which it was difficult to imagine who would buy it at all.

Bargain Man also sublet floor space for small shops run by caste-bound men from Gujarat working out their merchant dharma  selling gold jewelry, luggage & umbrellas. At least half the stores in downtown Elizabeth are dharmic imperatives.

Conditions looked right for a rainbow, but none sighted.


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