Friday, September 23, 2011

da Mets

The Mets finished the season with a road record of 43-38. Based on that number, one would imagine they had a winning home record with six home games left.  Their home record to date is an abysmal  31-44. If they'd won 43 games at home so far, not unreasonable even for a mediocre team, they'd be two games out in the Wild Card race.

Rookie Manager Don Mattingly is bringing in the Dodgers at about .500. He stepped into a nightmarish situation there.  It's presumed  by many that The Mets front  office is grooming feisty former Mets second baseman Wally Bachman for the manager job. But I think when  feisty Terry Collins is done - he's a good judge & motivator  of young ballplayers, The Mets will not be looking for another feisty,  & it wouldn't surprise me if Mattingly were offered the job, provided he improves the Dodgers next season.

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