Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jersey City NJ

Ellis Island & Lower Manhattan from Liberty State Park

Were the Twin Towers anyone's  favorite skyscrapers?  I don't see how. They weren't beautiful.   What made them impressive was their location right next  to Hudson River  & sheer gargantuaness. They dwarfed everything in downtown Manhattan. But I never tired of the view after WFMU moved to Jersey City in 1999 a couple of blocks from the waterfront.  I saw them at all times of day & night & in all kinds of weather. When I drove to Jersey City, taking the east extension of the Turnpike across across Newark Bay, the highway  made a swing left & the entire Manhattan skyline came into view, plus the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.  That was a view I loved to show visitors. By train, I changed from NJ Transit to PATH in Newark,  the train dipped underground at Journal Square in Jersey City. I got off the train at Exchange Place, rode a long escalator or an elevator to the surface, & there were Hudson River & the Towers. At the distance they loomed overhead.  The sight never failed to stop me for a moment before I walked up Montgomery Street to the station.

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Not long after the World Trade Center was completed, New York magazine invited designers to come up with ideas for making the towers look a little more pleasing. One idea -- installing an arch that would make the towers look like a U-bar magnet -- probably wasn't practical, but I was always charmed by the proposal to have popsicle sticks jutting up from the roofs.
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