Friday, September 30, 2011

"Christie Creme?"

Our governor continues to bask in the national spotlight merely by seeming to waffle on a campaign for president. He won't run unless he's absolutely confident he can win it all, the nomination &   defeating  Obama. That requires unity & money & a "fire in the belly." He has belly enough for a big fire. Right now I don't think he's convinced he can generate all of the three. But he sure does like the celebrity.

It won't do to call him childish names, as the kneejerks at Kos are: "Dough Boy" & "Christie Creme." It didn't work in Jersey & it won't work anywhere except, maybe, Eugene, Oregon or some other jogger's organic food paradise. It's dangerous to assume Christie's podium belligerence wouldn't  stand up well to Obama's famous cool. Jerseyans have been underestimating  Chris Christie since he was George W.'s pick for Jersey District Attorney. Whatever shenanigans he's accused of  committing while District Attorney are the sort of things that bore voters within 30 seconds.'

We have a government that can't fix the economy,  regulate banks,  end our wars, improve education, bring manufacturing jobs back to America, get immigration  under control, or make any sort of far-sighted policy, But the government endlessly nags Americans about our weight & what we eat. The cheerleader of the naggers: The svelte First Lady serving  her White House garden veggies at state dinners. Millions of Americans would  identify with a fat guy running for president.  & they wouldn't all be Republicans. Christie is comfortable in cities &  unlike most of the current Repug candidates (Herman Cain excepted) he doesn't fidget nervously  around African-Americans. If you walked him down a state fair midway, he would quite naturally arrive at the corn dog stand without a reminder from a campaign aide. Tacos, knishes, Swedish meatballs, ribs,  red beans & rice, Jambalaya, Ho fun noodles, spinach - pigeon pea dal, corned beef & cabbage, cannolis, he could shovel it all in with appreciative, guiltless gusto. Taste by taste, vote by vote.

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