Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carl Lewis, Olympic medalist, political aspirant, spiritual advisor

In reversal, federal appeals panel decides Carl Lewis will not be on ballot for N.J. Senate

TRENTON — A federal appeals panel this morning reversed its decision from just one week ago and ruled former Olympic track and field star Carl Lewis will not be on the ballot for state Senate after all.
"This isn't about residency. It's about keeping intact their privilege and their entitlement. They never wanted this to be a race," he [campaign manaager Chris Walker] said.

"And it makes you wonder why. When Carl Lewis, who was inducted to the New Jersey Hall of Fame, who was welcomed in by Gov. Christie himself and has represented this country over 20 years, and now, when he wants to step into a different arena to raise the level of consciousness amongst people, you say no?"
Speaking of privilege & entitlement, I read the residency requirements & if they are constitutionally valid Carl doesn't  meet them.  He hasn't resided here four years. In 2009 he voted in California. I was surprised that any court sided with him. But he's Carl Lewis!  There must be more to being a state senator than I'd thought, considering all the money spent to keep Carl on or off the ballot.  It's not a celebrity office. Most people don't know which district they're in & who represents them. I can't recall the names of my assembly reps, although I can picture one of them, an overweight Hispanic woman.  My state senator, Ray Lesniak, resides part of the time a few blocks from here. The rest of the time he's at his NYC Soho loft, his million dollar bayside house at the shore, or Paris, France.  He's a lifelong bachelor.

You don't have to reside in Jersey or be among the living  to get into the Jersey Hall of Fame.  Is it a qualification for office?  Calling Bud Abbott (b. Asbury Park) & Lou Costello (b. Paterson).

What level of arrogance  permits a candidate's spokeperson to say Carl is here to "raise the level of consciousness among people"? If I want my consciousness raised I'll learn to meditate or take up pot smoking again.

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