Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinosaurs of New Jersey

The Star-Ledger's resident screwball, Paul Mulshine,  discusses how Jersey's Tea Party is even screwier than him:
It’s starting to look like the tea party’s in the bag

On the phone, RoseAnn Salanitri sounds like a nice lady. But then you go her website called “Conservative News and Views.”

There you will find prominently displayed a novel she has written titled The False Prophet. The false prophet in question is the pope. He’s plotting to obtain the DNA of Christ from the Shroud of Turin so he can clone the Antichrist.
Some of them are running against conservative legislators from the right! Others have pretty much sold out to the "moderate" (Christie/Trenton) wing. Then there's Rose Ann, ex-Catholic who doesn't care if she angers & alienates Roman Catholic Mulshine. Wouldn't surprise me if Paul was a paid-up member of Opus Dei. But I don't know any Catholics who take that  antichrist shit from protestants. Or, for that matter, any who believe the universe is 10,000 years-old.

(Most non-Catholics  think of the Pope only  as the elected head of the Roman Catholic Church. To ascribe sinister, metaphysical meaning & motives to his office would be acknowledging some perverse version of what he represents to Catholics. One  point of being a protestant is that we don't have  to believe any of that in any form. )

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