Wednesday, August 31, 2011

shrink wrap

Probably set a record for a shrink appt today,  Scheduled for 3:30, taxi came about 3:05, arrived at clinic by 3:20, no check in line, doctor came for me 3:25, we were done in ten minutes, called for cab, that came by 3:45, at 4:00 I was walking into CVS back on my side of town. All this, if cabs are tardy, traffic bad, doctor running late, can take over two hours.

I walked around corner from CVS to Pathmark, not my usual supermarket, hurricane power failure had wiped out the entire refrigerated & freezer sections. No frozen, no dairy, no meat, all completely empty. I was there for coffee filters. Don't know if that happened to ShopRite, about 1/4 mile up the road, but probably on a different grid.

Talking to my landlord Monday about a tenant here we'd both like to see go. Landlord thinks I have special connections to SSD/rental assistance recipients, that I could recommend tenants. I know very few people on SSD,  a few old online friends, I tend to avoid them locally.   But I wouldn't recommend this building to anyone except a painter who would appreciate the high ceilings.  If your impression of SSD recipients is of bored people hanging around outside drinking beer from paper bags, my building would confirm your impression. This neighborhood is alright, but this building looks ghetto in the afternoon.  Two blocks away, at Bridgeway House, where I went through two short rehabs, you'd get a very different impression, of active people, functioning at varying levels, but taking classes, discussion groups, doing art (some of it quite good),having social hours with games  requiring interaction & mental stimulation,  younger people  hopefully headed back into the job market learning computer skills, some go on to college. Bridgeway tells & teaches you to get a life, even if it's scaled down & has to be as routine &  stress-free as possible. Sitting around drinking beer all afternoon is not acceptable at Bridgeway.  In fact, it would get you kicked out of the program.  Boredom is bad therapy. Bridgeway (& therapy) teach you that there are two kinds of poor judgment - what affects you only, & what affects others, & you have to be especially observant of the latter. That is what I dislike about some of the tenants in my building. Their poor judgment can be dangerous to others. One guy here has a big round ugly head containing a brain the  size of a walnut, & most of that comes from his reptile ancestors. He's never learned that when his brain tells him to be an asshole, he should tell it to shut up.

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