Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

My friend Gina had planned on weathering the storm at her boyfriend Jones' place in Asbury Park. Second floor condo a block or so from  beach.  I mulled that over for 24 hours & wrote her, "I got a bad feeling about this. Maybe Glen should stay with you this weekend. You could be surrounded by water with the power out." A storm of this type, intensity & path ripped up the Asbury boardwalk in 1944. They had already changed their plans. The Frank Sinatra Jr. show in Ocean Grove was postponed, so she's bringing the jungle off the balcony down there & coming back to Elizabeth. Anyway,   the governor added Asbury to the mandatory evacuation.

There really no predicting what this storm will do. Depends on how big the tidal surge is & when it happens; how intense the winds are & for how long; how much rain falls on the rest of the state - a lot of rain in a short period pushes streams & rivers over their banks.

Gina & I are on the same electric grid, so we have no advantage there from being near each other.


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