Saturday, August 27, 2011

buzz buzz

I accidentally buzz cut two strips on the back of my head when the 1/4" attachment on the electric clipper popped off without my realizing it until a big clump of hair went into the sink. Two choices: buzz cut it all or let it be for the week or ten days until it grows in enough.  I let it be. I can hide it with a baseball cap, but I keep forgetting to wear one. Since it's at the back of my head, I'm spared any funny looks.  A young tenant in his twenties sitting on the front stoop noticed it & became alarmed. He has a buzz cut & said, "I can fix that for you." I said, "You know, I don't really care what anyone thinks." That stopped him for a moment, confused. Then he smiled & said, "Man,  I can really respect that attitude."

I will have to cover it when I go crosstown to the shrink's appt  & the main library on Wednesday.

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