Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Business

Dutch man allegedly funneled munitions to Iran, arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport

NEWARK — He operated out of The Netherlands. But according to federal authorities, the Dutch national brazenly flouted U.S. export laws again and again, directing cloaked shipments of American munitions from New York to Iran for nearly a year.

At least some of those munitions, authorities said, may have landed in the hands of the Iranian military.

Ulrich Davis, 50, a former manager of a Dutch freight-forwarding company was arrested this weekend while trying to board a flight to his homeland at Newark Liberty International Airport, authorities said.
A small fry in the international fraternity of war & death. They are Americans, Europeans, Asians, Arabs. But their nation is Hell, their business is killing, their ideology is profit. They are evil.They are secretive. We never hear about the major players, who hide behind their corporate names. We are serving them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Governments are afraid of them.


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