Friday, August 19, 2011

Kollege Hi Jinx

Bullshit! to the idea of BCS football players getting paid. That's not reform. Reform would be downscaling some of the financial incentives for the colleges, coaches, administrators, bowl committees, & NCAA itself.

The  students are paid, in free tuition, free room & board. In Div. 1 basketball, baseball & football, it's also a guarantee you'll be at least scouted & assessed by the pros if you put up numbers worth noticing. Hypothetically, all college sports are equal, so if football players are paid, lacrosse & field hockey players would want in on the action, too. 

Anyway, most college student jobs pay pizza & beer money.  The U of Miami "scholar-athletes" wanted  (& believed they deserved) jewelry, V.I.P. seats at exclusive clubs, yacht rides, parties at mansions, & prostitutes.  How much they gotta be paid for those, to keep up  lifestyles to which they want to become accustomed? After all, their talents generate billions in revenues for colleges, TV networks,  the NCAA,  & make lots of people very rich.

Can you see some kid, some heavily-recruited high school All American football player, big shot star attraction in his home town, who turned down Notre Dame & Penn State because those programs are too "clean,"  being pleased with a  $200 per week stipend? That maybe pays for  his cellphone & porno flicks.   Oh yeah, what else you got for me?


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