Monday, July 04, 2011

Out for a walk on a comfortably warm evening. A spectacular fireworks display somewhere west judging from the booms, but not even flashes of light in the sky.

4th of July is a lonely holiday for me, because it takes me by surprise, & because I've had a few - not a lot - really great, memorable  4ths. Even when I was driving I often found myself at a loss as what to do with the day or evening. I don't enjoy crowds (except on the boardwalk, they never bother me there for some reason). & I don't like very hot weather, which we have on the 4th about every other year. The most recent year I had a girlfriend on the 4th it was so hot we didn't venture out until sunset & then walked a few blocks to the local fireworks & festival, which was so uncomfortably steamy we couldn't appreciate the warm zeppoles  & there were long, long lines at the ice cream stands.

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