Thursday, July 14, 2011

The unlimited debt

Nobody asks where we find the money to pay for three wars. Or four wars. I lost count.

Obama should spread it around he's planning another "small" war TBA, but he promises it'll be very long & very profitable for Republican states & corporate donors, & military pork aplenty for Tea Party districts, & they can keep the war going even if he loses in 2012 & blame it on him, & they'll be happy to raise the debt limit on some other pretense.

The hidden costs of war, present & in future expenditures on interest, medical care & veterans' benefits, are so outrageous as to be almost unbelievable. It's unpatriotic to question the costs & how the money is allocated. No matter that much of it is avoidable, contributes nothing to our defense & security, & even creates no jobs in America & enriches foreign corporations.These corporations are utterly indifferent to the lives of American service people, or the cost to the government & citizens.

(Both Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders have explained how we pay for wars. But they're supposedly the crazy guys in D.C. & everyone else is sane.)

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