Friday, July 01, 2011

The worst commercial on radio

Kars 4 Kids is the most annoying, ubiquitous commercial on AM radio in New York. The stations airing these commercials ought to measure how many listeners they lose when the little kid starts singing the idiotic ear worm jingle.  It puzzles me why the charity is so evasive about being Jewish, & saying exactly where the money goes.    Go look at the website & tell me how many pages you have to see to figure it out. Do they not want us to know they're Jewish?  Hundreds of charitable & nonprofit organizations accept car donations without spending thousands & thousands of dollars soliciting them. Habitat for Humanity is  one. Radio station WFMU is another. The United Presbyterian Church of Plainfield NJ is signed up with a car donation facilitator. If you need to get rid of a clunker just  google car donation plus your charitable interest & you'll find a good fit. Maybe it'll be Kars 4 Kids, maybe not. No matter what you google, it's kind of creepy that Kars 4 Kids always shows up near the top of the page,  they must pay plenty for that service, too.  If you're unfamiliar with a charity, you should always check its rating  with an organization like Charity Navigator.

(I just had a private chuckle imagining Nachum, host of  the great  JM in the AM on WFMU,  trying to raise money during marathon weeks without reference to the program being Jewish,)

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