Thursday, July 28, 2011

da Mets

At this time last summer da Mets were in meltdown, had started sliding before the All-Star break. They were damaged, listless. & the manager, Jerry Manuel, was becoming more irritating by the day. He chuckled too much, shrugged too much, & clearly wasn't motivating anyone including himself. Da Mets, a mediocre team by their record, just swept four games from another mediocre team, the Reds, at Cincinnati. They are a feisty, hustling bunch, fun to watch. At 54-51 they're 11 games out in NL East. In the NL Central they'd be 3 games out. At 7 games out in Wild Card, their chances of overtaking the Braves & even the Diamondbacks  are minimal. But they're still in it. My guess is that, as their pitching staff wears out & some of the "kids" cool off & they go head-to-head against the Phillies & Braves they'll finish around .500. But for now, if you're a real Mets fan, you're enjoying the ride. Carlos Beltran had to go. He wasn't going the make the difference.

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