Saturday, June 11, 2011

The small msiexec.exe window is open & I can minimize it but I can't shut it off. "An unidentified program want access to your computer." I have two choices, allow & cancel. Cancel is supposed to close the window. I've seen it before, when I've downloaded freeware or trial software. & allowed.. But I have no idea what program wants access & it wont tell me. Whatever it is, it's smart enough to disable the cancel. So, there it is, blinking on the bottom toolbar. & there it will stay. I figure it's harmless as long as I don't allow it to install the program..

I know this may sound stupid, but have you tried turning the computer off, leaving it off for a few minutes and then turning it back on? If that doesn't work, can you access your CtlAltDel function and do you know how to read the section titled "processes?" If you do, you can see the program that is operating and can simply delete it there, and the little box will finally go away.
It was an aidex runtime exe file in my users directory, along with a second file with a long number. Both very small files. I moved the .exe file to the recycle bin, left the other where it is, the window closed, & I'll keep them separated until I figure out what they're supposed to run. If some program fails to open, I'll put it back there & download a fixit program.
Shoot, when I rebooted the PC the file reinstalled itself.
"I also had a repetitive alert before and afterwards asking permission from "msiexec.exe." I looked in my user's files and there was both a "msiexec.exe" and another file with a bunch of numbers. I tried deleting them both but only the msiexec.exe" was deleted because the countless number file was opened in something called "aidex runtime." I had never heard of it before. I opened my processes and ended "aidex runtime" and then deleted the number file.I did some more digging and eventually tumbled into this "GhostObjGAFix.exe" in both my Roaming App Data and Local Disk. I've scanned them with Microsoft Security Essentials (which just got an update) and it says there is nothing wrong. I've done several full scans on my computer today and it never picked up anything.Should I get rid of the "GhostObjGAFix.exe" or is it a regular file?"

msiexec.exe is usually an MS Windows Installer Component (Used to install apps that use MSI)
GhostObjGAFix.exe is possibly malware (an anti virus trojan)
Scan with the free version of this
I found the above about aidex.exe and hopefully it helps.
I installed malwarebytes & got rid of it (& few others.) Also installed Vista service package 2, which makes it easier to choose what programs run on startup. I had too many & they slowing the PC down.
First off, having Vista is a bummer, so I feel sorry for you already! All my old puters that came with Vista at work, I got rid of it and put Windows XP on them. At home I also have XP on both my notebook and PC. At work I use Windows 7, which I don't really like, but it came installed and I decided to just go with it. But Vista is the suck all of Microsoft operating systems. Yuk! Glad you figured out how to get rid of that sucker window!
I've had the windows 7 disk for a year, haven't installed it.
I'm getting the same annoying error dialog on my Windows 7 PC. Found your blog while researching it. Have you figured out whether it's safe to allow it, or how to remove it?

btw, I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, and the difference was night and day. Start up and shutdown is much faster and apps seems to run smoother with less lag.
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