Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eight records my dad liked

Dad wasn't very knowledgeable about music; neither was mom, although she had been a more "typical" teen. I recognized fairly early on that dad's tastes could be a bit odd. He despised rock & roll, but I think he was always indifferent to the "Hit Parade." He wasn't like so many of the fathers I knew who tediously went on & on about how great the big bands & old singers were. We didn't even have a good record player. But our home had plenty of  music, & it was never a guilty pleasure.

(Pogo was an adult comic strip, slyly topical, rather liberal actually, but dad read it faithfully. The record is children's song for adults, filled with nonsensical wordplay, sophisticated & corny.  I loved it. It's still available. Victory at Sea taught me to listen to soundtrack music. One of the Leroy Anderson numbers had a real typewriter in it, that was cool. )

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