Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Condolences to my dear friend Gail, who lost a cherished cat & companion today.

Two days of scorchers here I'd like to get through without putting the a/c in the window. Heat supposed to break Thursday evening for a week of spring temps. I lose a screened window when the a/c is in, & I'm too inclined   to turn it on when the fan would do fine.

The days of using a fan, or a window fan, are so over in this part of the world where I live! Been so since what, 1990's? I have TWO air conditioners in my apartment, one provided by the landlord that actually has it's own outlet so that using it does pull electricity off the main current as it runs off a different outlet. Then, I have the one in the bedroom, that I purchased and just runs off the regular electrical outlet. In my old apartment, my air conditioning unit generally blew out the circuits even though it was under 5,000 BTU's which was/is small. And I had window fans in the "kitchen" and "bathroom" areas that actually did NOT contribute to any cool air circulation, but spread the hot air more around the apartment. BAD!!!

I am blessed in this new apartment with cross-ventilation such that sometimes all I have to do is open up all the windows and the air blows through enough so that the apartment is well cooled, well ventilated, and SMELLS great!
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