Friday, June 17, 2011

Beanee Weenee

Anthony Weiner was a great liberal congressman. I'm sorry to see him resign. Should he have resigned? Probably. He lost the support of Democratic leadership & the President. The scandal was a distraction from all the important issues that won't be discussed anyway. His behavior has a compulsive feeling about it, there may be more revelations to come.  None of it so far  has been deemed more than "inappropriate."  I don't know who decides what is inappropriate behavior for a congressman. Are certain inappropriate behaviors for conservative politicians  the same as inappropriate behaviors for liberal politicians? Since when does hypocrisy disqualify a politician from anything? It's hypocritical for Mitt Romney to pretend he's like you & me, & far more deceitful to the public than whatever Weiner did.  Mitt is as like us as a guy waving from a million dollar yacht. At the moment, Weiner's transgressions are mainly toward his wife, Huma Abedin (who used to figure in the weird Hillary Clinton lesbian gossip as the mysterious campaign aide who carried Hillary's shoulder bag).


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