Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sarah visits the Garden State, sort of

Sarah Palin slept  in Jersey last night, at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, on the waterfront a couple of blocks from WFMU, you see the hotel if you look in that direction when you come up out of Exchange Place PATH station.But most people look at Manhattan & remember 9/11, you can't help it.

Sarah's on some kind of tour, she has a special bus,  traveling around America learning the history she ignored in college. To this end she spent an hour at Gettysburg & later was disappointed to discover Davy Crockett didn't patch up the crack in the Liberty Bell.   Drove straight up the Turnpike to J.C.  I wonder if someone mentioned that Jersey is the "Crossroads of the Revolution," had a few major battles, dozens of skirmishes, & some deadly neighbor-against-neighbor action. The Revolution was also a civil war in Jersey. Washington spent two winters  at Morristown.  Lots of important history.

But I think Sarah would be more pleased with Lucy the Elephant.

Donald Trump called up his limo &  escorted Sarah to a chain pizzeria in Times Square, where she used a knife & fork. This is not unknown in Italy, & is actually socially acceptable with certain specialty pizzas. Of course, around here everyone learns how to drive while eating a slice. It probably did more damage to Trump's rep, if that be possible, he's supposed to be Mr. Manhattan & know all the fashionable upscale eateries according to the people he hires for that purpose;  maybe he wanted to make Sarah look like a tourist.

Today Sarah visited Ellis Island, which is in Jersey, where she used the example of legal immigrants to slam "The Dream Act" (a sensible piece of legislation). I suggest she learn more about the experiences of "legal" Chinese & Japanese immigrants in California.  She went to the Statue of Liberty, also clearly in Jersey, but the courts, I think, have ruled  that it belongs to New York State.

Some liberal blogger said Americans are being "hookwinked" by Sarah & blah-blahed about the religious right.  Sarah isn't hookwinking anyone. Her devotees know she's WYSIWYG, & that's fine with them. She's quite guileless compared to our President

I think it would have been amazing if she stopped by the WFMU studios and went on the air.
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