Sunday, May 08, 2011

Blow away dandelion

My mom had a psychologically tumultuous personality that eventually took away what was best in her. But when I remember her through my four year old eyes she remains one of the prettiest women I've ever known - it's not my imagination, she really was. Images of her hanging the laundry, sheets flapping in the breeze, I'd present her with dandelion bouquets she accepted graciously, waiting until I forgot about them before throwing the weeds away. A graceful swimmer who as a teen must have been well aware of how she looked to boys watching from the shore. She would have scoffed  if anyone suggested she had a poetic side, but I believe, like  poets,  many of  the dreary details of ordinary life depressed her, & she had an eye for beauty in small things.  & marrying my dad was, both for her & for him, an act of independence & even courage not so common at that time.

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