Thursday, May 26, 2011

sopa de won ton

Late afternoon bus to main library. It's the most convenient bus in town for me, frequent,  runs from Kean University through downtown to library where it turns around,  stops a block away, uncrowded,  usually don't wait long for it at either end. Checked out some books, printed out a few docs. Then over to the big Latino-oriented supermarket near the library  for some celery & bananas. It's the only supermarket I know of that sells Campbell's condensed chicken won ton soup. Why anyone around here buys it is a mystery since if you have a craving  you can get a quart of genuine won ton with the rubbery pork filling for under $4 at any of the dozens of Chinese take-outs.  Just about everyone goes through a take out won ton & fried rice phase in college.  Besides stocking produce popular with Hispanics,  big selections of bagged & canned beans, super sweet  drinks, varieties of chorizo,  Latino supermarkets around here are  known for cheap prices on large qualities of meat.  They're  where you find  the rest of the cattle & chicken & pig, the parts us anglos only eat ground up & disguised in hot  dogs, bologna & olive loaf, & probably any meat filling at Taco Bell. Except for being called cheese, I've always thought head cheese one of the more honest-looking conglomerations in the deli display.

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