Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Electric out for about an hour, just came back on, longest it's been off here. We have frequent, annoying mini-interruptions. This one the power went off for a few seconds, on for a few, off, on, then off & stayed off. I turned off power to the PC & modem & settled in with a candle, two small flashlights, & listened to the rest of the Mets game - which had been delayed by rain & heading into extra innings - on the battery transistor. Mets lost in 11th on  run singled in by Marlins relief pitcher, that kind of game.


It's raining here today, which is very strange for May. But, then again, there is no such thing as climate change now, is there?

The power generally goes out here in CA when it's hot and everyone has their air conditioners on. It went out a couple of weeks ago when we hit the 90's, but it is especially bad when it's over 100. I have my laptop which works without for a few hours before the batteries are run down. Candles and lanterns and flashlights, of course. My battery AM radio, and my battery DVD/CD player. I used to have an old analog television on batteries, but since they went digital, I've yet to buy one, although they are finally down to about $79 bucks. Most important to have here are portable FANS! When that air conditioner goes off, it gets really hot really fast.
On the west coast you need, & should have, some preparation for an earthquake. Even one that caused relatively little major property damage in LA could disrupt power & water.
Oh, been there, and done that! Since the Northridge quake, I have my kit ready. My money, pictures, important documents, etc. are all ready to just scoop up and exit. Flashlights are everywhere if it isn't a full on escape quake, and of course, all the items that were mentioned above should power go out.

The thing I learned most from the Northridge quake was to have slippers or shoes and a flashlight nearby. In the dark and stepping over broken glass was the pits.
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