Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Another Let's get drunk fake holiday promoted by manufacturers & distributors of alcoholic beverages,   restaurant  chains with bars - like Chili's, & any local  gin mill willing to hang a banner outside supplied for free by Corona or Jose Cuervo.   Most  anglo celebrants probably mistake Cinco de Mayo for Mexican Independence Day,  given our general  contempt for Mexicans & ignorance of Mexican history. Only Bud Lite drinkers  need a fake holiday as an excuse to knock down a few Coronas.
Windy enough, but a bit too cool - 60 degrees - for a perfect Big Breezy Day in May.


Those of us that choose to drink on this day KNOW it's not Mexican independence day but the victory of the pueblo battle ... and we also know it is an American enduced drinking holiday. With that said... bottoms up, LOL!
The celebration of Cinco de Mayo - at least in northern US states - is probably a development of the last 25 years, no? I never heard of the holiday until 1992, when my fellow college students used it as an excuse to drink gallons of tequila.
I recall those Mexican restaurants around Woodbridge Mall, as well as Bennigan's. TGIF, etc., hyping it in the early 90s. I don't think it was much of a local bar event yet. Then The Waiting Room strung up chili pepper lights.
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