Monday, April 25, 2011

Reading the expensive, glossy, waterproof, one page campaign mailer for Board of Ed incumbents (you can't fold the thing to throw it away), realized that, based on the scant information provided, I have no idea what it means to be "the best urban school system in New Jersey." Is that like saying we have a lower crime rate than Newark?  One of the candidates states, "Our students are going to the best colleges." For example?  None given.  The voters just nod their heads & agree, "Oh  yes, the best."

There must be some kind of pecking order & bragging rights that I don't know regarding the various "academies" in the public school system here.

There's one member of the BoE I can't stand, I'm convinced he's a  theocrat at heart, & I vote only in Board elections when he's on the ballot in order to vote against him.  As a childless renter, I've rarely voted in school board elections in any of three Union County towns in which I've resided as a voting adult, partly because I concluded if I had kids I wouldn't be residing in those towns,  so I didn't much care how the public schools were run.

With all due respect to Academic HS in Jersey City, being named the "best urban school system in NJ" would be like being named the "tallest midget," no?
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