Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eduardo Lincoln Barbosa de Sabóia

Always fun to "discover" a "new" artist & realize right away I'll be a fan. Ed Lincoln (Eduardo Lincoln Barbosa de Sabóia) is another of the versatile talented Brazilians out of the jazz/ pop / bossa nova / samba scene that exported Joao Donato, Walter Wanderley. Sergio Mendes, Eumir Deodato, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfa, Joao & Astrud Gilberto to the United States in the Sixties. Ed Lincoln didn't make a dent in the States, if he even tried. But this 1966 number will sound instantly familiar just by its recognizable style. Ed recorded his own albums through 1990, continued composing for & producing other artists. I've located only two of his earlier LPs. According to Wikipedia, he was sampled by British dance track DJs in the '90s. Not all I've heard is this mindless; Ed shows his jazz chops in some of it, but it's pop all the way.

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