Saturday, December 04, 2010

Passed on a walk to CVS today in favor of listening to Danish composer Carl Nielsen's 4th Symphony, "The Inextinguishable," & a nap. CVS pharmacy dept closes at 6 weekends, & Saturday is the one day they might have an hour wait rather than the usual 15 or 20 minutes.

I've looked after Gina's cats since Thankgiving, while she was in Florida. She came home today. The cats have their own relationships & interactions, some I don't comprehend at all, like why the old cat Meanie is intimidated by a young runt female named Ivy. Ivy is neurotic, I think she was weaned too young. But taken out of their routines, no human sleeping there, the cats get weirder & weirder throughout the week.

During my traumatic stuff going on (which only you know of), my daughter has been staying at my home. She brought her two kittens to my place for a while, but eventually took them back. They were kind of cute. I didn't like her other cat that she eventually had to put down after 12 years when she was diagnosed with cancer. But the cats were cool, except I hate cat box smell, and am glad they are back at her home.
Gina has all the litter boxes in the basement, changes them often, & runs a dehumidifier down there as necessary. I am not responsible for the litter. She also has a top of the line vacuum cleaner that could suck fuzz off a peach.
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