Thursday, November 18, 2010

National Unfriend Day

Yesterday was National Unfriend Day, dreamed up by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel as a day to get rid of  all Facebook friends who aren't really friends. Kimmel defines "friend" as someone you'd loan $50 to. That's too limiting. Currently, I have 202 Facebook friends. including "Goulash Hungarian," the actual food not a nom de plume, & figured I could drop a few. But the vast majority of them I "know" in the sense of knowing who they are & why they're Facebook friends.  The few doubtful ones either rarely post or I have them on "hide." I've ignored a goodly number of friend requests.  The more friends you make on Facebook the farther astray you wander from people with a  fairly direct connection to you, & the more friend requests you receive. Also, I'm not trying to increase an audience for something I'm promoting, which would, of course, be me. As it is, few of my Facebook friends even bother to "like" what I post. For some, it may be because they don't see what I post. But I have a number of regular features I think are entertaining: You Tube music I choose & upload in lieu of doing a radio show; several categories of postcards (Jersey Gin Mills, Jersey Hot Sheets motels); an occasional poem.  I'm pretty generous with "like"   whether I actually "like" it or not.

It annoys me when Friends post 10 music videos in an hour, or  a link to every online article they read. That's clutter. I also dislike cryptic tweets. If you tweet,  keep them on Twitter, please. & those "copy, paste & repost" paragraphs.  The other day, someone posted a chain message for  "Mental Illness Awareness Week," which happened over a month ago & went unobserved here because I discuss the subject any time I please.  & too many poor snapshots of your cat or kid.


I hardly use Facebook, and only have it because it's easier for me to get pictures of my grandson from my daughter's page than it is to get her to either email them to me or put them on a flash drive. I rarely post on my Facebook page because what I have to say is said on my blog. But, it has been a way for a few friends that don't read my blog or care about my politics who just want to stay in touch, be able to stay in touch, such as Howie from Hawai'i, and my second cousin removed, Wally (laughing). My page is blocked as well, so I guess only thing people can see who are not my friends would be my wall? I'm not really sure about that. As for twitter, I love following people, but again, who gives a shit what I tweet, know what I mean? I like following Tommy Lasorda, The Terminator Gov., some lefties like Sam Seder and Rachel Maddow, and then some fun booze related sites like Smirnoff and a restaurant or two that tweets who's hanging out or what's new on the menu this week.

I much prefer my blog for expressing myself.
I think I got just about everything blocked from nonfriends except maybe my postcards colections.
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