Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stanford 63, Rutgers 50

California 66, Rutgers 57. 

Here he goes with women's college ball.

For the first time, I'm  having serious doubts about Hall of Fame Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer.  Actually those doubts began at this time last year, but I suppressed them.  Every season since the Scarlet Knights Championship Game appearance in 2007, her teams have jelled less; women's ball has become more offensive-oriented; she's made some risky, dubious recruiting choices; & she takes the team to the West Coast to open the season where they're  battered by  Cal & Stanford & come home tired, doubting, & dispirited enough to subsequently lose some early games they should win. C. Vivian rarely blames herself or her system for these losses.  Last year they squeaked into the NCAA Tournament & immediately showed they didn't belong there. This year they weren't ranked in the preseason polls, although they have  Top 25 talent.  But St. John's & Georgetown are ranked, with DePaul hanging just outside.  Of course, UConn & Notre Dame. Which means Stringer's star is shining  a bit less brightly.   At least this year she cautiously concedes she needs to think more about offense. A defense oriented team like Rutgers will never win The Big One in this era. unless they have a couple of high scorers.  Too few games when three Rutgers players score in double figures. Something has to change, either C. Vivian  or the  person holding the head coach job.

I'm done.

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