Wednesday, November 24, 2010

supermarket night

ShopRite parking lot so packed tonight Gina & I went over to Pathmark. We concluded it was a combination of Thanksgiving & Jewish shopping night a day early. Pathmark was not crowded. Pathmark is also,I think, going away store by store.  Lousy sales, rude cashiers.  The one here is trying to attract the Hispanic & the food stamp shopper. But this city has a half-dozen supermarkets aimed at Hispanics, all send out weekly flyers, & if you can get to Pathmark, you can go to ShopRite 1/4 mile up the same street & get more value for your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program debit card.

Could not agree with you more about Pathmark. The one here in Lake Hopatcong has gone way down hill. It's dirty, the produce is horrid, and the help not friendly. I go there for the convenience when I need something quick. I do my main shopping at Shop-Rite as well. It's a shame about Pathmark though, I had high hopes after the Great Atlantic and Pacific Company bought them.
Parhmark was my preferred market for a long time. But it's corporate. ShopRites are some other arrangement with owners. Mine has many store specials & also caters to a large Orthodox clientele, has kosher meat & fish counter separate from the deli.
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