Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Same cabbie to & from shrink's office today, attractive younger African American woman, on phone at one point  arranging a haircut for son. You're not supposed to talk on cellphones while driving, but many of the cabbies here have running chats with friends & family.  Dropped off at CVS on way back. Walked rest of the way from there, starting at my normal pace, but after a block I had to slow way down. Glad to see the Chinese guy's market up corner is open again.  Buy bananas there. Beautiful weather. Shrink was an hour behind schedule. They were verifying all insurances today. I know mine is  up-to-date because I receive a summary every few months of what the clinic charges (a lot for a 10 minute consult every other month) & what it collects (not much but what it deserves for a 10 minute consult),

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