Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I'm  abstaining today. The election here isn't the same one the rest of America is having. My councilman & congressman are safe. There's a ballot question I don't understand. It won't be the worse thing if three Republicans manage to get themselves elected to the nine member Union County Board of Freeholders due to low Democratic voter turnout.   But I've received no mailings from Repugs. They had a slim chance this year & didn't even try.

Anyway, I'm sick of being told to Vote Vote Vote  even if it means voting for one douche bag to keep another douch bag out, or to ratify a candidate in a one party town. I think America is really screwed up, perhaps irreparably. We have 24-hour memories, can't function without inventing enemies, & our political reasoning  is an endless series of outrageous non sequiturs.

Do expect out-of-control spinning by both parties when results are in. Many of the Repug candidates headed for victory knocked off incumbent Repugs in primaries. Probable that Repug party "discipline" & unity in Washington will more resemble Democrats. Rand Paul has his own mind & agenda & doesn't think he owes the party bosses.

Funny, but for some reason, I thought you were all go go go on voting this year, even if it didn't matter. Maybe I wasn't paying much attention.

I abstained as well. Didn't affect anything important in my state unless you consider smoking pot legally an issue. Brown beat out Whitman, which anyone with half a brain knew he would. Sad that Fiorina refuses to concede her loss to Boxer. 23 is dust, just as I figured. Yeah, on the national side of things, the Rethugs took control of the House again, thus ending Speaker Pelosi's tenure. They can have the yellow man Boehner. In fact, the next two years now, everything will be on their watch, and let's see how quickly we slide into that death spiral as Americans.

At least it's sunny and hot here in So Cal. :)
It just would have taken too much energy, & a taxi fare, to get to Magie Ave. school & back to cast votes I knew weren't needed. If my votes were needed, someone from the local Democrats would've called last week & offered a ride.
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