Thursday, November 04, 2010

Priorities: The sex lives of public school teachers

"Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself."
Walt Whitman
CNN Exit poll: Highest Priority for Next Congress
Other/No Answer

Cutting Taxes (19%)
D 26%
R 72%
O 2%

Reducing Deficit (39%)
D 33%
R 64%
O 3%

Spending to Create Jobs (37%)
D 68%
R 30%
O 2%

One might ask: How did Repugs get 30% of the voters who actually favored government job creation after they voted? It seems nutty to me to vote for a Repug/Tea Party candidate if you're pissed off that Obama didn't spend enough, & the candidate you voted for  may even oppose funding crucial,  justifiable earmark projects in your state or district.

I haven't seen figures for total R & D votes cast on Tuesday, but when the dust settles I suspect America will be about as evenly divided as we've been in all the even year elections since 2000.  The Repugs have neither the power nor the national mandate to repeal everything  Dems passed,  repudiating even George W. Bush as too liberal, as many have.  They're supposed to help fix the economy.

Look at it this way:  Sen. Jim DeMint,  a right wing & Tea Party hero, campaigning in South Carolina, can get away with suggesting that unmarried female teachers who engage in sex  should not be permitted in classrooms.  South Carolina, a place whose  attractions & culture  outside of, maybe, Charleston, escape me, loves the guy, or at least the white folks do.  & this Senator presumes to speak even for conservatives who could care less about such private behavior,  or understand the futility of caring.  He'd be laughed out of Jersey , & we're not quite as "blue" here as generally thought.  DeMint has an "agenda" that isn't really America in 2010, if we look at the whole map.  But he believes he does. That doesn't concern only me, or Democrats, but also John Boehner & establishment Republican bigshots who, until this year, figured they were conservative enough.

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