Saturday, October 09, 2010

Two erroneous assumptions people occasionally make about me: First is that I'm a politicized person who closely follows national events & reads lots of political blogs & websites. The other is that I'm a cultural elitist. My political "thing" has always been local politics, which can be petty, stupid, belligerent, corrupt, very entertaining, & serve as the minor leagues for many candidates for higher offices. Ambitious aspirants find it easier now to raise lots of money, skip these local elections & experience in governing, & go directly to congress. Local newspapers used to cover local politics better. They'd send reporters - part time paid stringers mostly - to all Council, Board of Ed & open zoning board meetings.

I am a cultural elitist, in a sense.  But I usually want to know why I don't like something, particularly if I expected to like it. Yeah, there's music I can't stand. There's music I'll go no farther than to say I admire it, not the same as liking it. The more types of music you like, the more likely I am to like you as a music lover. It won't matter one iota that I dislike some of the music you love. I know people who love punk, jazz, disco, & Neil Diamond. Music doesn't require that one sign a manifesto.

Punk, jazz, disco AND Neil Diamond? LOL - well, I definitely have those bases covered.

Glad you're back. Hope you aren't in too much pain.
I was thinking of you, haha. I don't like Neil Diamond as a performer, but you won't hear me knocking him as a songwriter.
And what is funny, is that I first learned to like him as a performer before I found out his huge catalogue of music as a songwriter!
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