Friday, October 08, 2010

Tough week

Tough week; the assisting urologist, who I like, did offer to look at me in office clinic this week & perhaps remove the ineffective catheter. But I'm trying to make it to Wednesday, even it means being housebound, when the Boss Doc is back from vacation & can oversee the removal, test urination function, & reveal for better or worse the results of biopsy. My primary doc was kind enough to prescribe Restoril by phone when I explained the situation, a mild sedative & sleep aid I've used before. I had been taking Percoset, a seriously addictive drug that doesn't do what I needed. (Restoril is a dependency drug with withdrawal insomnia that's alleviated by Ambien, just as Ambien withdrawal is alleviated by Restoril).

I had hoped to be more ambulatory this week.

I learned from this experience that I'd approach my health care in a more positive attitude at nearby Trinitas in Elizabeth. But I knew that all along. It would've been very convenient for Gina, & my primary doc is an attending physician at Trinitas who would would've overseen & monitored my overall care & treatment there. You don't give an apple to a patient who requests a soft diet.

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