Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank you

This blog has but a handful of regular readers & I thank you for continuing to drop by from time to time despite the fall off in written posts.  The postcards & music are good, though.  Thank you for your prayers & good thoughts.

Intimacy has always been difficult for me.  Yet, there are those of you I have never met that I can say I love. (& would still love if we met.)

I like the pennant series matchups of Giants versus Phillies & Rangers versus Yankees.  Never rooted for a Texas team for anything. But it'd be swell if San Fran knocked down mighty Philadelphia, who look unbeatable.

No Cal vs. So Cal ... from Bronx/Brooklyn to San Fran/L.A.

I will NEVER, EVER, root for the Giants.

End of story, smack!
I was pulling for the Padres in those last weeks.
Philly's pitching looks untouchable.

Texas always had a decent offensive team with lousy pitching. Now that they have solved #2, let's see how they fare against the anemic Yankees.
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