Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series

Texas Rangers versus San Francisco Giants. Bad for Fox TV ratings, but unusual & good  matchup for baseball lovers.  My nominal rooting interest is San Fran, as the National League team, a former NYC team,  & because I never root for teams from Texas in any circumstances.  But tough for my friend Carrie. She resides in Hollywood, & she can't go with Giants anymore than a  true pinstripe Yankee fan could go with Red Sox. Dodgers, of course. Probably Padres, Diamondbacks, & Rockies, too. But Giants? Never. Or Lost Angeles, California, Anaheim Angels. if that AL team had made it. Fortunately for Carrie, the hockey season has begun.

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That made me laugh, and it was, of course, spot on. Although the conundrum for me was 2002 when it was the Anaheim Angles vs. San Francisco Giants UGH! I literally had to spit each time I yelled "yeah" when the Angels won a game! But, now that they changed their name, you know, I've got that curse on them that they'll never see a World Series until they admit they are not in Los Angeles!

I have to say I'm rooting for the Rangers. Can't help it. Any team but the Giants.

I haven't bought the Center Ice package for the second year in a row. My interest in hockey seems to have waned. Were in football season till the end of the year, so that pretty much occupies my mind. I tend to watch all three games on Sunday, and then Monday night as well. I don't have the NFL channel offered, so I don't get to see any Thursday games.

And, you're right about the not so good part for TV ratings, but good for fans of the game. The two teams playing this years' world series deserve to be there, I'm sorry to say! I loved the end run for the playoff spot between the Padres and the Giants. It literally came down to the last game of the season to determine who would be that last team in. It doesn't get any better than that in baseball.
Well, on the upside, it's always great to see/hear Tony Bennett ... Mr. San Francisco.
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