Friday, October 22, 2010

One could call one's urologist office & speak to the specialist assistant, & complain about an irritated urethra & painful urination - not unexpected post-surgery effects, & one could hope for a short order of Vicodin, ten or fifteen, because what else could they prescribe but that or Percocet or some other effectively numbing drug that one would look forward to taking at bedtime? Well, one could learn there is a specific med for this problem that deals only with the problem in the specific location.

All the pharmacists at CVS know me by name now. Not because I'm on an unusual number of regular meds - there's only one I renew every month - but because I've gone through about a half-dozen different antibiotics over the past 9 months including one so oddball they had to special order a full supply & then the doc pulled me off it after ten days, plus on & off a variety of other stuff, & I'm in there for one prescription at a time.

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