Sunday, October 03, 2010

My day in the Emergency Room

Spent all day Sunday in University Hospital ER (blessings upon you Gina) for a post-op complication they ultimately couldn't "fix." Although they prescribed , after 8 hours, something they claim will help & referred me back top my urologist's office.   Sunday is bad day to find a specialist, I knew UH had then on duty for the trauma center, & it's where I had surgery. No luck. None of the four urologists from my doc's office, all of whom were familiar with my case,  were on duty today,  In UH ER, on a misery scale of 1-10, I rated maybe a 2 or 3. While I was there, a pregnant woman who had received almost no prenatal care suddenly gave birth to a premie, which was alive, thank God, when  I checked out.  If you must use a big ER, arrive by ambulance. It helps, I was a walk in.

My only ER experience of note was when my leg was broken due to a car running over me. I was overcharged and under-treated, to be sure.

Glad you appear to be in regular spirits, despite circumstances.
Sheesh, hang in there. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
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