Monday, October 04, 2010

I must  give my friend Gina a couple days off.  It isn't the drives to & from Newark that are the great burden for her -  but  the hours & hours of waiting. 6 hours last Wednesday because a room wasn't ready. An entire day yesterday because I had to go to a big city ER on a Sunday & neither of my urologist's associates were on call. My urologist is in Poland this week,  Yesterday I asked Gina to come  back from her boyfriend's place in Asbury Park. I felt especially bad because Gina had offered to stay home & be available Sunday, but  there was no reason at the time for her to do so, so I said, go ahead down to Asbury & have a fun Saturday night, which she & Glen did.

My sister picked up  the Israeli form of Montezuma's revenge on her Mediterranean cruise, was sick for five days on ship, arrived home Friday, is still ill.  Job's Curse.  I contacted her early Sunday morning.

On the phone today with the doc who assisted at my surgery. He was willing to have me go to ER late today  & deal with problem, but the sense I got from him was that it would be better if I came to his office. We may have to remove this post-op catheter earlier than planned. But I said, if it's possible to wait a day or two, I can cope with the incontinence at home. Sunday, I was urinating on the floor in ER just to prove to the young  attending doc that the problem was exactly as I described to the triage nurse.  I said I gotta give my friend a break, & give my sister time to recover.

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