Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Depressed the past few days. Sleeping poorly; understandable since I've hardly gotten out of bed. The Yankee-Rangers playoffs suck not so much because the Rangers are winning as for how Yanks are losing - they're awful.  But Yanks were a mediocre team down the stretch & are playing that way now, so nobody should be surprised they're  on the verge of elimination.

Wrecked my Hamilton Beach blender that I use every day, completely stripped  the plastic gear already wearing out when I was tring to adjust the lid while it was on grind setting. Walked into Home Depot tonight, located & bought a Black & Decker "Crushmaster" for about $30.

Andy Pettitte pitched well the other night, but he had no offensive support and the Yanks' bullpenn just sucked. Pettitte would have had at least 5 additional wins during the regular season if his teammates discovered their bats.
Cliff Lee had them psychologically beaten before he even took the mound. It probably made no difference in the results, but they just lay down for him, & the bullpen was shamefully bad.
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