Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have prostate surgery scheduled for Thursday at University Hospital in Newark. Because of stubborn bladder infections, caused by wearing a Foley catheter for too long, I'm being admitted tomorrow morning for, I suppose, a 24 hour antibiotic drip & any other tests that might be required. The surgery will also serve as a biopsy because the infections prevented one being taken in office. I am at high risk. 

This surgery should have been performed 9 months ago. Whatever was wrong then is more wrong now, & I am weaker.

I hope the care I've received is not Obamacare, & it concerns me. Because if I'd had a regular job this past year, if I'd been working at Pearl Arts store, I would've been unable to do my assigned work. I believed  from the start, when I had to go to University rather than a local urologist, that I was moving into a less attentive system.  That is exactly what occurred. This never should have dragged on for a full year.

When I was discharged from  Trinitas last  fall,  I felt reasonably strong & hopeful. After a few weeks I realized I'd have to cut back on my walking. But I was dealing with it. We had a harsh winter, I was housebound a good deal of the time. If I walked too much, I paid for it later in urinary tract irritation. & I got nighttime erections despite the catheter, which were quite uncomfortable.  I was grateful I still had them, but there's nothing one can do except wish them away. The only good part was changing HMOs & finding a primary doctor who answered my questions & didn't assume I was ignorant. I also got hooked on old time radio shows. I like Our Miss Brooks with Eve Arden as a high school English teacher (which is exactly like the Fifties TV show), Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, & Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, an insurance investigator with a fat expense account & less hard-boiled than the typical radio sleuth.

I also had hopes of returning to WFMU this past summer for some fillins or podcasts.   Try explaining that to a urologist.  Now I'm posting some of the music I'd have been featuring on a DJ Rix You Tube channel.

Keep me in your thoughts &  prayers.

Good luck with everything Bob. I'm sure you are in good hands and all goes well. I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery.
Thanks, Tony. I much appreciate it.
Hang in there, dude, and make sure SOMEONE posts something on your blog if you have any complications or are not back the same day, ok??????
Wishing you a quick recovery, Bob. I'm looking forward to reading you as soon as you get home.
Hey, how are we doing over here? All good, I trust. Bob, we're looking forward to your next post.
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